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Winegrowers distinguish a unique local terroir where the Odessa wine gains its unique aroma and flavour.


Terroir is the set of climatic, soil and other characteristics of a terrain (its geography, basins, flora and fauna) that determines the varietal peculiarities of grape berries and subsequently, those of the ripe wine.

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The terroir was formed under the influence of both continental and marine climates. The vicinity of the Black Sea and the saltwater Burnas Lagoon played the crucial role in this process.


The vine grows on the southern black soils rich with nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium – all necessary for the development and growth of the plants. Nitrogen compounds strengthen the root system, and potassium, in its turn, takes care of the quality of berries facilitating the sugar accumulation.


Within a radius of 100 kilometers there are no major industrial centers and ports. 

Coast of the Burnas is a nesting place for more than a hundred varieties of rare birds: gulls, black and white swans, ducks, herons.


 It is notable that the famous “wine parallel” of 46° in northern latitude passes through the southern coast area uniting in its “circle” the best wine regions in the world, among which are the outstanding ones – Bordeaux and Burgundy.