Sangria: get the taste of the Mediterranean

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Sangria: get the taste of the Mediterranean

Sangria: get the taste of the Mediterranean

When arriving to any country of the world, the acquaintance with the local cuisine is at the top of the “must try” list. Dishes and beverages worthy of attention are waiting for you in cozy cafes and restaurants offering new impressions.


Summer. Spanish Riviera. Noontime. A vibrance of a jar embellishing the dining table can compete with the lushness of tropical flowers. You can see here motley pieces of Mediterranean fruits wallowing in ruby red wine. We are pleased to present you Sangria – a wine cocktail traditional for hot Mediterranean coast countries, with a refreshing and tonic effect.


There is no need to resort to travel agencies services to be carried away from Ukraine into this Spanish summer fairy tale. One just needs to enrich his feast with authentic sangria from TM PICNIC. The PICNIC Sangria consists of natural table wine, spring water, pieces of fruits, usually Sicilian and Spanish oranges, apples, lemons and limes. The beverage taste is enhanced with a no less ardent story behind it, as passionate as the hearts of the true Spanish.


One of the legends carries us to the events of the 17th century, to a Spanish wine-producing region, Rioja. At that time great landowners who held the power were capable of committing even the cruelest actions for the sake of profit. For a few years, the harvest gathered by peasants did not answer the magnates’ expectations. As a punishment they took horrible actions sending their army with weapons to villages of the defenseless peasants. First hours of the punitive operation led to hundreds of victims. The province inhabitants desperately rushed to seigniors to beg for their mercy bringing with them a startling beverage as a gift – tender, fresh, winy. It was made of red wine, fruits and sugar. The lords were so impressed that agreed to stop the bloody slaughter demanding to render the exact recipe of a new beverage. The peasants gave it a name themselves. Commemorating the black day they called it “sangria” that means “blood” in Spanish.


The beverage PICNIC Sangria is produced at Odessa Classic Winery under exclusively “peaceful” traditional technology, from grapes grown in the unique climatic zone of Odessa terroir, so you will not be disappointed with your choice!