Wines ТМ PICNIC (10 l)

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Wines ТМ PICNIC (10 l)

Wines ТМ PICNIC (10 l)

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Wines ТМ PICNIC in a package Bag-in-box (10 l)

  • “Aligoté for Fish” (dry white wine)
  • “Black Sea Tamyanka for Fruits” (semi-sweet white wine)
  • “Tender Muscat for Cheese” (semi-sweet white wine)
  • “Cabernet for Shashlyk” (dry red wine)
  • “Black Sea Kadarka for Fruits” (semi-sweet red wine)
  • “Black Sea Isabella for Fruits” (semi-sweet red wine)
  • “Dessert Isabella” (dessert sweet red wine)
  • “Ukrainian Cahors” (dessert sweet red wine)
  • “High-Mountain Mulled Wine” (low-alcohol beverage made on the basis of a natural red wine with the addition of spices) 

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