Get yourself ready to honour Cabernet Sauvignon!

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Get yourself ready to honour Cabernet Sauvignon!

Get yourself ready to honour Cabernet Sauvignon!

August, 30th, is one of the most important days for red wine admirers – the world will celebrate the International Cabernet Day.


Almost 160 years ago, a grape variety Cabernet Sauvignon was introduced for the first time at Paris World Exhibition 1855 within the first Bordeaux wines classification.


It is well known that this variety was created by combining two classical Bordeaux varieties: red Cabernet Franc and white Sauvignon. The newly born sample inherited the best features from its “parents” preserving berry flavour and delicate structure of Cabernet Franc, and pleasant freshness of Sauvignon.


What is more, Cabernet Sauvignon proved to be unpretentious to a wide range of climatic conditions which permitted it to conquer all wine-producing regions of the world at a record pace.


At vineyards of Odessa Classic Winery the special attention is paid Cabernet Sauvignon. The harvest is used for producing monosort wines being of the highest popularity.


Odessa Classic Winery product line includes dry and semi-sweet Cabernet Sauvignon wine:

  • ТМ SWANS’ LAND: dry Cabernet and semi-sweet Cabernet Sauvignon Southern.
  • ТМ PICNIC: dry “Cabernet for Barbecue”


Dear friends! There is only one way to celebrate this day – to have a glass of the outstanding noble “Bordeaux emigrant”, which has a flavour of black currant and chokeberry, spiced with faint tones of bayberry and bell pepper. Enjoy also its enswathing astringency.


The best gastronomic supplements for Cabernet are steak, poultry, meat delicacies and ripe cheeses.