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 The Odessa Classic Winery performs a full cycle of technological operations for the production of high-quality grape wines



Grape processing

The obtained yield is immediately delivered to the modern processing site equipped with up-to-date facilities:
– Roll crushers VELO (Italy)
– Pneumatic presses VELO (Italy)
– Vinificators Fabbri-Inox (Moldova – France).

Filling lines for finished products

Availability of a high-tech filling area ensures safety of the qualitative properties of wine. It also enables the product stability during the further storage. The plant carries out the wine filling in bottles of 0.7-0.75 l (Italy) and also in modern aseptic carton packs Tetra Brik Aseptic Slim.

Quality control

The product quality is controlled by specialists of a certified laboratory which is located directly at the plant.
The overall certification of the laboratory is carried out every three years. The necessary reagents renewal is performed every two weeks.
The laboratory performs an adequate quality control of the products at all stages of production.
The qualified personnel execute:
– Inspection of characteristics of acids under titration as well as iron and sulphur dioxide content, etc.;
– Assessment of content indicators for alcohol and sugar;
– Analysis and inspection of microbiological parameters.

Production site

The plant is equipped with lines for the production of white and red wines.
The tank farm capacity of the enterprise is more than 1 mln dL for simultaneous storage.

The production of the Odessa Classic Winery is made in compliance with the requirements of the applicable national standards.