Bag-in-box and wine are compatible

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Bag-in-box and wine are compatible

Bag-in-box and wine are compatible

Today we will make meaning perfectly plain when speaking about the so called boxed wine. Everybody must have seen separate shelves in a shop with wine products in a contemporary bag-in-box package, and almost everyone must have had certain doubts as for compatibility of such seemingly primitive package with the noble beverage.

The bag-in-box package application in wine industry is a logical step caused by the search of an ideal package for specific directions of wine products sales, such as wine on tap or glass serving of wine in cafes and restaurants. Nevertheless, bag-in-box has immediately found a number of fans including those among ordinary buyers appreciating its convenience and feasibility. 

Bag_Kab_news2What is bag-in-box?

Bag-in-box is a multi-layer pack (food wrap and foil) with an embedded valve tap for pouring out the product. The pack is inserted into an external hard case (carton box, barrel, plastic container) protecting the wrap from damage.

In fact, bag-in-box is a materialization of a long-known wine container: a leather winebag, used during long trips. The wine in leather bags was convenient for transportation, and remained fresh for a long time. In contemporary world, the leather was substituted by polyethylene aseptic wrap of high endurance, placed into a box for advanced comfort and safety.

Why is bag-in-box safe?

  • The package is made of materials specially developed for storing food products (including wine).
  • Wine is poured under pressure which ensures that the product will be completely secured from external environment impacts.
  • The valve tap used for pouring out wine remains hermetically sealed even after its opening, so the wine storage is guaranteed for the whole shelf life.
  • The multi-layered bag-in-box ensures complete protection of wine from any environmental effects, and above all, from sun rays and oxygen impact.

It should be noted that due to the increased volume (the available scope starts from 2 l, 3 l, 5 l, 10 l), the cost of package itself is reduced as well as that of wine per unit of output.

Odessa Classic Winery offers wine in 2 l and 10 l bag-in-box package. Therefore, the products may be interesting both for private persons and wholesale buyers, including HoReCa representatives.

The assortment includes the most popular wines:

  • Red dry wine “Cabernet” by ТМ SWANS’ LAND
  • Red semi-sweet wine “Cabernet Sauvignon” by ТМ SWANS’ LAND
  • White dry wine “Sauvignon” by ТМ SWANS’ LAND
  • White semi-sweet “Sauvignon Blanc Southern” by ТМ SWANS’ LAND